For the queen dem


— Poetry —

I owe everything to you, without you there is no we,
may this put a smile on your face with every read.

Thank You

Please enjoy the contents of this project,
There are 3 levels, the first is the cover, the second is the book and the third are visuals.
So scroll down, swipe and read
then scroll down again and see two of these poems come to life. Visuals by DCRM.
Thank you for the love, Enjoy...

Romey Sky
IG: @rkskyers

I can see the universe in your skin,
Stars dying and being born again.
Light being absorbed and blended in,
Face always well done, no need to be made again.
Life blooming, a touch so soothing that it’s hard not to be drawn in,
black hole, black filling, black everything,
I can see what once was and will be,
mother to all things.....
it’s hard to not see the universe in your skin.

Dark Matter

My words flow out an endless downpour of rain, my cup overpours with blessings,
I cannot be thankful for anything more across the entire universe

limitless undying love of light shining over the horizon, unconditional is your food for thought,
feeding a vulnerable starving me,

Glory to the shining gold of darkness

nothings going to change my world

Across the universe

Floating on a mountain top with a net under a sierra sky,
Day breaks and I reach for all the colours I can to paint the earth with you,
I heard you love pink but you can’t seem to put your finger on its tone,
and it burns you that you don’t know....
waking to sun rise at the right time to catch the sky shine,
that roars a different rose I can hand to you,
every first light, I’ll sail the auroras and
watch you smile as I paint the earth with you.

Sierra Leone

Can I help, picking up the pieces?
Don’t mean to touch without permission but I can see you falling apart and it’s breaking me,
I feel a lot, I really do, so I’m good at finding things in the dark,
I think on this journey of self discovery,
I’m learning more about myself too,
Look, here’s a piece or two and how about a part of me, not to complete you,
you can do that all on your own, but a spare piece to add to your part two.


The sight of you is like looking at 365 sunrises,
the ripples of first light, flickering over your horizon, has me rising to the challenge,
refraction has happened around each curve,
each roll, each arch, adding definition to a new day everytime you say “hey!” looking in the mirror,
you swerve and sway,
I’m gonna love you in every kind of way.

Each Curve

In my dreams you are my train of thought,
taking me to the next station of passion,
switching lanes and without delay,
so smooth, no bumps or jumps to disturb my slumber,
you take great care to ensure I stay on track,
your love is automatic, it slides and gives me space to explore
and always willing to carry me when my feet are heavy,
never reminding me of my weakness but just says “where next?” with utmost confidence,
astonished by your accomplishments,
I lay on the floor and watch the stops on the map appear and disappear,
as we create our own journey
forever moving forward together.

Trains of thought

She’s so wavey, so in love with the way she flows,
I try to navigate her oceans, getting lost in
her inner most depths is thought provoking,
sailing down her stream of consciousness that is so attractive,
trying to stay afloat in a roaring sea, with
her mood constantly changing it’s scary but so
amazing, and then in comes the tide,
all because I tried to say she's mine,
can’t tame what doesn’t need to be tied down,
she’s the 75% of everything,
listen she’s the 75% of every living thing
myself, the earth,
it’s all hers now.


(You are), all i need to get by through these dark lines, i struggle to read and even with my eyes closed, i stay woke and that's what’s troubling me,
(all i need) to get by on my knowlege alone is troublesome and I just want somebody to hold, anybody who knows true beauty lies within the dark,
(to get by) outshines everything and not everything nice is glitter and gold, hope you know that I may feel blue but the sky at night is my blanket over my world cold,
(oh wah) love me, love me, love like i love myself, trust me between these dark lines

Dark Lines

I can’t always promise you honesty...
honestly some things are best left unsaid
because there’s an ugly part of me,
me in its entirety can give you my loyalty,
loyal enough to never keep you in the dark for eternity,
eternal is my love so please take it and you’ll see,
see that I got your back differently,
different from all the lies you’ve been told
because my promises will always be...


Hey baby girl, I haven’t met you yet, yet I’ve already fallen in love, in love with you and your potential smile, my biggest treasure, a treasure that I’ve yet to find, I can’t begin to describe the joy inside, in my heart is where I get to hold you, read you bedtime stories, wash your hair, put on your plasters, piggyback rides, buy you the world... will you accept me?
I may struggle to understand you at times, let you down and jump the gun, but I’ll always love you and accept you from before and forever baby girl.

Haven’t met you yet

Im attracted to you, Do i have permission to talk to you, to tell you how the sight of you excites me, butterflies flutter as I utter electricity, sparks fly and land on your dress, pardon me, I’ve seemed to have short circuited trying to process, you asked me what is it i like and despite me struggling, juggling words to see what fits, im only left with phenomenal, a phenomenal woman you are, you bring me joy with every blink, the thoughts you think and your dreams thus far, i could say you are beautiful, but you already know that, or how you’re so smart, but these are some obvious facts, you're a phenomenal woman, and I’m sorry if i end up seeing that before anything, but you asked, so now help me get past that and see more, and i promise to protect your womanhood, your chocolocity, honestly is the sweetest thing I’ve ever known, excuse me but you’re a lot to digest and my ram is still struggling to process, so with my next upgrade I’ll try again for you to grant me access.

Computer Love

In the twilight of our lives,
What is drowned never dies,
A crisis of self, how should one describe,
what do I want to be called, the ocean of I,
Reflections ripple, too many names,
on none I can rely,
Riding waves, adapting and changing with the times,
I am art, or is my form still flowing in the twilight of our lives,
What is drowned never dies.